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Passion for innovation by leveraging the deep domain expertise across latest technologies and desire to provide enterprise grade IT solutions and services for the large and small companies have been the founding principles of Cryptex Technologies. Our love for technology and approach for innovation is visible in all the projects we undertake. Cryptex specializes in developing open source web applications and software solutions across all domains and verticals using Ruby on Rails (ROR) technology.

Cryptex Technologies is a new generation software development company located in the heart of India. We hold a strong experience backup, hence, we help our global clients analyze their issues and make the best possible development decision. The pillar of the company is our employees. Our values are based on Trust, Respect, Integrity, Honesty and Innovations to meet the user/clients expectations and market challenge.

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Bitcoins are a very common terminology now. To let you know further about Bitcoin it’s a very popular cryptocurrency. As it’s a crypto currency it’s a virtual money and cannot be exchanged physically.

There are ways of using plastic money and most of the merchants use the way of getting the payment online. But while including this third party integration the merchant has to pay this third party and there is approximately 3% the merchant has to pay for every transaction made.

The way PayPal, Braintree, Ccavenue, and other payment gateway work the same way Bitcoin payment gateway can be integrated in a merchant's e-commerce site.Bitcoins are virtual currency and can be saved in virtual wallets. The merchant’s wallet will be integration in his application and the customer can make the payment through bitcoins which Will be transferred to the merchants wallet.

These bitcoins accumulated in merchant’s account can be exchanged to the local currency as and when required. Bitcoin payment gateway integration is a very easy to be implemented payment gateway and has a easy understandable documentations for the same.

Implementing RESTful API in Ruby on Rails

30 Nov 2016 in ruby on rails

What is RESTful API

A RESTful API is an application program interface (API) that uses HTTP requests to GET, PUT, POST and DELETE data. Representational state transfer (REST), which is used by browsers, can be thought of as the language of the Internet.

Steps in creating RESTful API: Step 1: Creating an API

While creating an API, the controller is kept in a separate folder named api inside app/controller of the ROR application.

Step 2: Creating a Versioning Folder

Once an api folder is created, we create a versioning folder under api folder. This versioning folder is created according to the API requirement. An existing API should never be modified, except for critical bugfixes. Rather than changing existing API we create another version of that API.

For ex., app/controller/api/v1 or app/controller/api/v2

Step 3: Creating a Controller File

Create a controller file inside the api folder like home_controller.rb

Step 4: Creating Controller Class

Inside the controller file we need to create the controller class. This controller class will contain the method which is used while calling an API. Basically, the method inside the controller is nothing but a business logic of the requirment of an API. So, this method is defined to run as per the requirement of an API. This method will return the JSON format data. For that we need to render the result into JSON format.

The above steps deals with the controller /api folder. Now, if someone wants to call a particular api method, for that we need to define in routes.

The routes is used for calling an API methods defined inside the config/ routes.rb file of the ROR application.

Route Example :

namespace :api do

resources :home, defaults: { format: 'json' } do

collection do

get 'business_details&:category_service&:city', to:'home#business_details'




So, our calling URL for above step should be http://localhost:3000/api/home/business_details&Food andRestaurants&USA

And result should be

{“name”:“MacDonalds”, “address”:“New York, USA”}

Increase Your Song Revenues Using Social Media

24 Nov 2016 in Digital Music Distribution

In the early days artists use to record songs and distribute on different DSP's which help them to make money. But, in an era of internet, distribution of songs on different DSPs is not sufficient for an Artist.. Social media presents an interesting opportunity. As music fans, most of us turn to Twitter or Facebook to keep updated about our favorite bands, whilst new tracks or videos will 99% of the time get their launch on social channels. This gives a complete popularity to the artist. Artist needs promotion on Social media along with distribution and royalty processing so that he earns more revenue.

There are many social media platforms for promoting music but facebook is one of the fastest medias to Promote Music and Generate Revenues

In order to increase your popularity on facebook you should have all of the following in place before running your ads.

1. Create an artist page first

2. Make your presence on facebook as an active member by posting on a daily basis

3. Online music sale should be listed

4.Content like videos, pictures and blog posts for your fans to interact with and comment on.

Benefits of Facebook Ads:

Facebook ads allows to learn about your audience, gain fans, and sell music by putting your ad in front of a very targeted group of Facebook users.

Facebook Ads does the following:

  • It will Drive traffic on your Facebook page
  • Get Likes for Your Facebook page
  • Advertise Your Facebook Event
  • Advertise any offer that links to a website outside of Facebook
  • Target specific Facebook users depends upon likes, age, region etc.
Targeting fans who already ‘Like’ you on Facebook

It’s common to spend a lot of time targeting new fans and forget to target the people that have already shown interest in your music. Most likely you have far more people that Like your Facebook page than have actually purchased your music. Facebook allows you to specifically target people who like your page, so why not make special offers for the people that are most likely to buy your music?

Cryptex Technologies will help you in the following Key elements of an effective ad
  • Focus on a call to action: A “call to action” is a line that basically says, “do this now.
  • Compelling Text: Since there is not too much space for text in facebook ads, hence the ad should be crisp and effective. Cryptex Technologies creates facebook ads which perform best.
  • A picture is worth a 1,000 clicks: Cryptex Technologies follows marketing research guidelines to upload images which will be clicked more often.

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