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Passion for innovation by leveraging the deep domain expertise across latest technologies and desire to provide enterprise grade IT solutions and services for the large and small companies have been the founding principles of Cryptex Technologies. Our love for technology and approach for innovation is visible in all the projects we undertake. Cryptex specializes in developing open source web applications and software solutions across all domains and verticals using Ruby on Rails (ROR) technology.

Cryptex Technologies is a new generation software development company located in the heart of India. We hold a strong experience backup, hence, we help our global clients analyze their issues and make the best possible development decision. The pillar of the company is our employees. Our values are based on Trust, Respect, Integrity, Honesty and Innovations to meet the user/clients expectations and market challenge.

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In the current technologically sound world more and more are opting for web applications for taking their business to a new lateral. In the past few years, Canvas has evolved as one of the most popular learning management system (LMS) and is successfully adopted by many educational and corporate institutions. However, people have restrained there thinking to the fact that canvas can only be used as a Learning Management System. The fact is that Canvas is not limited to only LMS; instead, it is beyond that. Canvas can be effectively used for other domains as well; one of the most innovative ways of using canvas is for conducting Virtual expos.

Features in canvas can be proficiently used for commencing virtual Exhibitions, such as:

Registration of User Types: In any sort of exhibition, different group of people or companies set up their booths for displaying their product and services. For establishing a virtual exhibition there are both visitors and organizers. As whole of the process is done through online medium, hence, canvas provides different users different registration type. This helps is proper bifurcation of users.

Restrictions of accessibility as per the user type: With Canvas, one can create different types of users and based on their role can also define accessibility criteria. For examples: admin can have access to all the functionalities of the application, booth owners will have their own set of accessibility and so the visitors. This will maintain proper flow and confidentiality of data.

Allocation of number of Expos and Booths as per the subscription Plan: Canvas also offer monthly, quarterly, half yearly or annual subscription plan for allocating defined number of expos or booths. This feature helps in keeping proper records of past as well as future expos.

Creation of Expos: Canvas acts as a medium for organizing different types of events. As everything is virtual, hence, the booths that are induced in the expos are also virtual that can be created using canvas.

Creation of Booths: Expos are incomplete without booths; this is so because booths signify the display of products and services in expos. Like expos, booths can also be created from canvas.

Video Upload: This is one of the most interesting features in Canvas, one can upload videos of past expos for giving the visitors can have an overview of how the expos are held. This gives them a sense of confidence. In addition, one can also create dummy videos of how they are planning for the upcoming expos.


05 Jan 2017 in Digital Music Distribution

Audio visualizers renders music beautifully by visual effects it is a feature found in digital media players it displays animated images synchronized with a piece of deity. If you break the term "audio visualizer" in two parts you get "Audio" and "visualizer", to visualize something is to form a mental image of it, so the audio visualizer converts an audio file into visual effects. Visual effects when combined and synced with music gives listeners a visual delicacy and leisure. We have created a visualizer with web audio API based on HTML5 which is compatible with all the technologies. our visualizer can be customized according to the music genre and personal requirements. This visualizer allows listeners to comment on the songs and express their opinions, their comments can seen by others while listening the songs, these pop on the digital visualizer. Comments can be filtered, we enforce a standard common decency and civility here, aggressiveness, personal attacks and bigotry is prohibited and can be reported.

The graphic visualizations of music is a great source of inspiration for the info-graphic designers. The potential music visualization has for an open mind is tremendous. The combinations of both auditory and the visual effect is often ignored, but the audio visualizers can add a real wow!! factor to your music website. Adding the visualizer gives you impeccable user interface and attraction. Visualizers can either be 3D or 2D.

Music distribution websites design and display their own audio visualizer so that their users can feats their eyes on something while listening music. The essential features of the visualizers that it must have are contrast, clarity improved loud list and an attractive but not too much flamboyant background. The visualizer should also be completely synced with the beats and rhythm of the piece of music. Adding real-time Music visualizer gives your music distribution website more lifelike experience.

New Age New Methodology - Agile Methodology

30 Dec 2016 in Agile Methodology

Software development is something all types of companies around the world are having to adopt. How they go about purchasing a custom software is a key to their success. There are two choices a company has when it comes to custom software.

1) Waterfall methodology.

2) Agile methodology.

Waterfall methodology is older than Agile methodology is basically a linear model of software design. Waterfall employs sequential codes and design process. In contrast agile proposes an iterative approach to software design. Agile methodology was born after the waterfall model in response to the shortcomings of the waterfall model.

The present situation of the software development market is inconsistent and unstable. Nowadays everyone seems to sell software development services, price ranges significantly, the companies are young and quotes are rarely transparent, etc. In order to sustain in competitive and inconsistent environment one should adopt an agile methodology. There are several ways agile methodology can help software development companies respond to the dynamic conditions of the market.

Transparency and pricing :

Agile contracts offer transparency: The Standard agile contract defines resource types, and resource dedication.

For example:

1) Project manager 50% dedication

2) .net developer 25% dedication

3) Senior .net developer 25% dedication

Clients actively participate in requirement definition and operating cost of the development team. Everything is discussed out in the open team. Time and cost related with every software functionality discussed openly with the development team.

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