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Passion for innovation by leveraging the deep domain expertise across latest technologies and desire to provide enterprise grade IT solutions and services for the large and small companies have been the founding principles of Cryptex Technologies. Our love for technology and approach for innovation is visible in all the projects we undertake. Cryptex specializes in developing open source web applications and software solutions across all domains and verticals using Ruby on Rails (ROR) technology.

Cryptex Technologies is a new generation software development company located in the heart of India. We hold a strong experience backup, hence, we help our global clients analyze their issues and make the best possible development decision. The pillar of the company is our employees. Our values are based on Trust, Respect, Integrity, Honesty and Innovations to meet the user/clients expectations and market challenge.

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Both significant factors in software performance are size of the database and program structure. Let's identify the reasons that hinder the applications performance and executive solutions and techniques to improve applications performance. Factors that hinder performance of RoR applications:

  • Variety of a slow period container
  • More use of inefficient helper methods
  • Execution of duties on per request most basic rather than calling everything necessary during startup - Browsing frequently and too many from database
  • Replication of identical computation while processing requests

If you give attention to the condition areas described above, you can certainly boost the performance of Rails Development applications. Better Session container:

Rails framework comes with several built-in session containers. PStore and ActiveRecordStore are two broadly used containers. PStore stores session information in a separate file while ActiveRecordStore stores session information in the database. Both treatment containers slow down action-cached pages, which degrade application performance. You have two better alternatives SQLSessionStore and MemCacheStore. These alternatives increase the performance of action-cached web pages resulting in faster execution of the code that boosts application performance. Reading Cached data:

You should not use class-level caching if you are using same data repeatedly during one process requests. You can simply read the data in the cache, which is much faster and prevents repeated calculations. Get independent computations at startup company:

If any data does indeed not change or any difference in it requires hardware startup, you can refuge this data in some variable in some course of application. Another option is to disable working in Ruby on Bed rails for each action most basic by using silence method. Optimize queries:

Rails have well-defined associations between model classes. Yet , the built-in made accessors are not optimized for performance. The generated accessor methods cause N number of additional queries to the data source and thereby degrading the performance of the program. You are able to resolve this performance issue by adding an: include =>: author to your query parameters, which results in single SQL statement and immediate development of author objects. Keeping away from the use of slower helpers:

All helpers in Rails invoke the course-plotting module to work with URL. The process of invoking routing module and under-going several routes in the road file is a time-consuming process. Rather, you can code the piece in HTML immediately and avoid the stop helper. Optimizing a data source:

Interacting with a repository is a time-consuming process and frequent querying the database severely degrades the performance of the RoR application. Reducing the quantity of SQL queries is one way to increase the performance of RoR app. The other way is optimizing the database, that can be done by following activities:

  • Remove unused indices
  • Add appropriate indices for foreign and private keys and fields used in filtering assertions
  • Revise and optimize SQL queries
  • Partition large tables
  • Use stored procedures
  • Use excited loading of organizations
  • Avoid use of orders when not necessary

Cryptex Technologies ROR developers in India is regularly keep updating on improving application.performance.

Spree Integration in Ruby on Rails

22 Jul 2016 in ruby on rails

Spree is a complete open supply e-commerce solution build with Ruby on Rails. If you wish to show a Rails app into a store that sells merchandise, then Spree is one in all the fastest ways to this.

It really consists of many totally different gems, every of that square measure maintained in an exceedingly single repository and documented in an exceedingly single set of on-line documentation.

You automatically require all of the below necessary gem dependencies when you use spree:

  • spree_api
  • spree_cmd
  • spree_core
  • spree_dash
  • spree_promo
  • spree_sample

All of the gems are designed to figure along to supply a completely practical e-commerce platform. It is also possible, however, to use only the pieces you are interested in. So for example, you could use just the barebones spree_core gem and perhaps combine it with your own custom promotion scheme instead of using spree_promo.

Installing Spree

Spree depends on ImageMagick to handle the image process it will thus we’ll need to install it before we are able to install Spree. The simplest way to do this is to use HomeBrew.

Cryptex Technologies make use of spree in building several e commerce websites.

Security Checks Before Releasing a Rails App

20 Jul 2016 in ruby on rails

When you transfer your latest app to a production server and open it up to the globe, you are extremely throwing your app to the elements - smart and unhealthy. If you do not pay any attention to security whatever, you are possible to fall foul of some cracker's villainous theme and your users are protestant when something does not work or they are being spammed with pots of gold to share. however what to do?

There are some precautions to be taken while before launching any application. Our ROR developers in India pay attentions to the following points for security:

  • Some attributes should be uneditable, it will only be read only
  • For security updates and patches dependencies will be check.
  • For user equipped URLs avoids redirection.
  • Beware of mass assignments.
  • Avoid using user params or content within the send_file technique.
  • All non-ActionController methods make private.
  • Avoid storing the password in database.
  • Filter sensitive parameters from the logs.
  • Pay attention to CSRF (Cross-Site Request Forgery) and use protect_from_forgery and csrf_meta_tag.
  • Pay attention to XSS (Cross-Site Scripting) and use the h helper in views
  • Don't trust logged in users.

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