6 Facts of eCommerce Shopify store that helps startups leverage their business.

6 Facts of eCommerce Shopify store that helps startups leverage their business.

28 Aug 2020
6 Facts of eCommerce Shopify store that helps startups leverage their business.


The eCommerce industry has been growing consistently over the years. Today, startups are able to provide their products and services in the market with the help of the latest technology stack. Shopify has emerged as a revenue-generating platform for small and medium businesses. Shopify provides a platform for businesses to set up their online store and sell their products conveniently around the globe without any restrictions.  Nourished with customer's interest and demand Shopify offers a variety of low-cost options and quick tools to expand your business. Shopify is equipped with a diverse range of features that helps businesses to build and manage an online store. It provides features that contribute to strengthen business growth. The reasons for how an eCommerce Shopify store can help startups leverage their business is as follows:

If you want to grow your business and reach your customers across the globe, then Shopify is the best choice. Shopify lets you set up and run an online store to cater to the needs of your customers in the international market. It provides a personalized experience tailored with different languages, tends, and currency associated with the market. It provides a convenient way to connect with the audience in a personalized manner.

SEO friendly:
Shopify is very handy and robust with respect to SEO. It helps to effectively draw the attention of the visitors through search engines. It helps startups to cut-short on the overall unnecessary cost by providing detailed analytical accessibility and keeping a track of online visitors and sales.

Greater functionality:
Shopify provides the availability of exceptional functionality coupled with customization features, which makes it easy to use. This is one of the reasons why businesses choose Shopify to set up their e-commerce store. It offers all the features that are required to set up and manage an online store. It eliminates the obstacles to processing the orders and keeps the store running smoothly. The essential features of Shopify include order tracking, inventory management, customer support, and more. It provides an accessible dashboard that helps to easily add products, manage settings and shipping of orders in just a few clicks

Wholesale Management:
While setting up an e-commerce store, the biggest challenge is managing the administration process and overall management of the store. With Shopify, managing the online store and customers' expectations becomes easy. Shopify provides specialized solutions that let you manage all the activities ranging from pricing, tracking and shipping orders, inventory, and payment. It also helps to review and edit the products in the store before invoicing.

Easy payment gateway and tracking:
Shopify provides features that make it easy to integrate with a third-party platform to accept payment globally. It provides an option for easy setup of payment gateway via UPIs or PayPal. It also provides tools for tracking orders and sales growth. It facilitates complete management of the online store with minimum errors.

Data security:
Shopify provides data security protection from hackers which makes it the first choice for startups and businesses alike. Shopify's security architecture provides relaxation to businesses willing to invest in developing a strong online infrastructure for their business.

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