7 Reasons to Invest In An LMS For Training Employees

7 Reasons to Invest In An LMS For Training Employees

13 Aug 2020
7 Reasons to Invest In An LMS For Training Employees


Globalization has led to enterprises becoming more specific. As a result, corporations have become more reliant than ever on their extended enterprise. Organizations are approaching LMS development companies for customized E-learning development solutions. LMS development companies provide their clients with an LMS solution with a Multi-Tenancy support feature. Multi-tenant Learning Management Systems are becoming more prominent as organizations are opting for a multi-tenant LMS approach. 

A multi-tenant platform provides a centralized way to manage different LMS and helps to provide personalized learning experiences for multiple groups of users in the same environment. This platform is capable of providing your training resources to both your internal staff and external users. In a multi-tenant environment, clients can store their data in a single database. It is a perfect solution for training your extended enterprise. An LMS with multi-tenancy support strikes the right balance and helps to deliver the best value for money. 

It helps to serve the entire client base through individual portals on the platform and assign different online training courses to the user within the same eLearning software. Mentioned below are 7 reasons why your organization should invest in a multi-tenant feature on LMS platform:

  • Customizable Client Portals: LMS enables clients to have a personal portal to deploy online training for their employees. The client can fully customize the online training content and curriculum on the portal. It also provides its employees with a sense of ownership and creates a unique learning experience.
  • Data security: An LMS with multi-tenancy guarantees that the user data is safe and sound. It ensures that each instance of the LMS is separate from the others. Even though it provides access to all the information, it still creates a barrier between portals to safeguard the data. Plus, it helps to avoid any potential legal issues that may result from data leaks.
  • Easy access to LMS reports: LMS provides an easy tracking and report generation for its users enrolled for any online training. It helps to monitor employee performance and grants access to the clients to evaluate their employees based on the online training metrics. It also ensures that the generated performance reports remain private.
  • Personalized setting option: Clients can personalize various features like language, currency, and time zone on their LMS. Clients can custom tailor the LMS based on their online training objectives to improve the learning experience. The customization options and admin controls to help you achieve the training goals.
  • Reduces cost: For training companies, investing in an LMS with multi-tenancy support is a sound investment for a successful business. It helps to reduce LMS costs as you only have to purchase one platform as it provides a dedicated corner of the LMS to every client. The data is stored in a centralized database and the client can customize the settings to maximize functionality for their staff members.
  • Customized pricing packages:  For training companies, another benefit of investing in an LMS is customizing pricing packages. Clients can opt for different subscriptions, licenses, and memberships depending on their training requirements without having to worry about someone accidentally taking their online training content.
  • Easy assigning of roles: The Multi-Tenancy Support Feature helps clients to assign tasks to their employees within the LMS with full access to the training content. They can easily assign the roles and training content to new hires without any assistance from the training company, and monitor reports.

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