7 Tips Toward Successful Ecommerce Website Development

7 Tips Toward Successful Ecommerce Website Development

31 Oct 2020
7 Tips Toward Successful Ecommerce Website Development

Designing an eCommerce website can be tricky, but to drive your website visitors to take action to buy your products a well-developed website is essential. An eCommerce website empowers you to expand your business, connect with customers, and market your products. With the right website design attract potential customers, provide excellent user experience, and exhibit your store in the best light. Many of the e-commerce stores launched fail because they don’t follow the following elements. Focus on the following 7 essential tips, to build a productive and profitable e-commerce website.

Choose the right eCommerce website development platform:
A platform is the framework of your online business. It is one of the first essential steps in e-commerce website development. Choosing the right eCommerce platform is essential to any online business. When considering e-commerce website development, decide on whether to choose a self-hosted platform or a hosted one. When choosing your eCommerce platform, it is important to keep your business requirements in mind.  Hosted platforms are usually favored as they normally consist of full-features websites and maintenance plans. These platforms such as Shopify help to manage the volume you envision for your business in the future.

Choose functional themes:
Once you have decided on the platform, the next critical decision is your theme. It must look appealing and perform well. You need a theme that:

  • Is visually appealing
  • Can be customized easily according to your brand
  • Loads swiftly
  • Is responsive
  • Is compatible with all browsers

Security and Data Safety:
An essential part to consider in an e-commerce website development is the security and safety of user data. Creating every page encrypted using HTTPS protocol along with the payment information page will help to build trust between merchants and their customers. This will also help to keep the customer's personal data safe. Payment transactions require high security. For added security, add options to not store vital data like credit card information on the website.

SEO And Site Performance:
SEO (Search engine optimization) is an essential tool for new stores. To build a successful website integrating on-site SEO enables users to easily find your website and drive traffic to your website. Therefore, it is very essential to consider SEO when building your website.

Site performance and faster loading speed make a big difference to your page ranking. Impatient shoppers may abandon your website if the websites load slowly. Faster loading pages offer a better user experience.

Mobile responsive website design:
Mobile users have surpassed desktop. Capture the customers who want to shop on their mobile phones or tablets. Make your website mobile-friendly and responsive. Get every web page optimized for mobile. If your website is not mobile optimized, you might be missing out on 50% of your potential customers. Make your website navigation easy so that users can search, browse, and buy right from their phones without hassle.

Make the checkout process easier:
To sell more of your products, make sure that your buyers are not abandoning their carts.  If the checkout process is difficult, they may not buy from your eCommerce website. Simplify the checkout method to make it more manageable for anyone. Create options that automatically navigate the user to the checkout page.

  • Make checkout process mobile-friendly & responsive
  • Request less but essential user data only
  • Put security features everywhere
  • Provide a common payment option

High-Quality Pictures and Videos:
Web pages with a clear value proposition help to hold visitor's attention for a much longer time. High-quality product photos and videos are a perfect solution to grab the buyer's attention. The key is to have one or both positioned above the fold on every page. Grab your customer's attention and communicate your proposition.

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