E-Commerce Trend in 2019

E-Commerce Trend in 2019

22 Nov 2019
E-Commerce Trend in 2019

Unarguably, e-Commerce is a global internet sensation in and of itself. How many times do you search for products and services online before going to the supermarket or an office (where the service you seek is offered)?

Almost always!

With globalization and the world wide web, it has been as easy for brands and small-scale enterprises to offer their goods and services to people across the globe. Nowadays, even startups are able to reach people living at the other end of the world.


If you wish to enter in the world of eCommerce, then you simply have to have an eCommerce website. Earlier, developing an eCommerce website was a time-consuming and tedious task. However, with ruby on rails technology, an eCommerce website can be developed in as short as a week.


However, If you are entering into the eCommerce stream, then you must know the latest trends in the world of e-Commerce in 2019…


1. Consumer Engagement and Personalization

Personalization is extremely important for a number of reasons. Firstly, as opposed to conventional stores, online stores do not have a salesperson to interact with the consumer. Secondly, the absence of interaction leads to the failure to suggest certain products based on personal preferences, interests as well as other factors. Thirdly, the vast world of online stores may overwhelm and/or confuse the consumer.


To avoid these undesirable instances, personalization is leveraged to increase consumer engagement and interaction. By collecting online consumer data and studying online consumer behavior, e-Commerce companies can serve their customers in the best possible manner and thereby drive improved sales. Data related to purchasing history, page visits, search queries, etc. are deployed to provide consumers with a more personalized experience which in turn helps in growing the business tremendously.


One such technology is CRM or customer relationship management system that allows you to personalize user experience. Ecommerce web app development companies such as Cryptex technologies can effectively help you to integrate CRM with your eCommerce website.


2. Product Visualization

Hesitating before buying something online is a natural human tendency. After all the things that can be seen, touched and felt are easily believable as opposed to a mere picture. Especially when it comes to quality, you cannot easily trust a product just by seeing a picture of it.


In order to remove the doubt and uncertainty regarding a product on an online store, you need to make your consumer start trusting you and your offerings. Although influencers and customer reviews help in building some credibility, it is still not enough to hit the ‘Buy’ button for some people.


Interactive visualization of the product or goods with the help of augmented reality, virtual reality or 3D imaging can help your consumers trust your offerings. Likewise, a high-quality video of the product also acts as a tool to build credibility.


3. Chatbots and Assistants

Bots (as in e-robots) have become an integral part of online stores. Chatbots are bots that deploy Artificial Intelligence to converse and solve problems of your consumers by chatting with them. They act as added help and enhance the consumer experience.


These online assistants can manage a plethora of tasks - right from hading and maintaining inventory to managing inquiries, you can count on them to perform several operations on behalf of you. Thus, you can focus on more important tasks such as expanding your business, etc.

Bots can also assist you in offering a truly personalized experience to your customers. What else could you ask for?


Cryptex Technologies is an eCommerce website development company that offers a variety of services to suit your needs. With intensive experience and a flair for developing eCommerce websites, we understand your requirements and provide customized eCommerce website development services. 

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