Going Paperless – Next Big Step for Law Firms !!!

Going Paperless – Next Big Step for Law Firms !!!

27 Dec 2016
Going Paperless – Next Big Step for Law Firms !!!

Many lawyers make the mistake of overlooking the fact that they have to deal with a pile of documents every day, this makes their work more tedious. We have created a web application called FCD for lawyers to solve this problem, which is easy to use and offers great service delivery for lawyers. It will reduce the time spent on phone calls, providing updates, and confirming appointments. It will also save the time for lawyer's secretary, scheduler, filing clerk, bookkeeper, and organized rolled into one. This app is designed to meet every busy lawyer's file and case management requirement even when he/she is on the go. Busy clients who are on the go can stay in the loop with instant updates, reducing the need for them to contact you.

Law firms are using FCD to increase client satisfaction and internal productivity. FCD helps in Increasing the reach of marketing and legal insights. To engage more efficiently with clients and collect feedback. It Enables assistants and interns to work and learn simultaneously also helps to increase project management capabilities. It's truly a revolutionary way to help law firms improve client communication while gaining a competitive advantage. Given law firms are faced with unprecedented competition, FCD presents an amazing opportunity to embrace innovation ahead of the curve. The great news is any firm can get started today.


The benefit of innovating via our technology are countless

  • Manage and keeps clients up to date with the progress of their clients.
  • Reduce the need for constant phone calls, emails, and letters.
  • helps to manage a case update
  • Maintain case and update case notes at any time from anywhere.
  • Creating appointments with your clients is just a click away
  • follow up cases with reminder alarm

One of the greatest benefits of the FCD app for lawyers is the flexibility, lawyers have access to their client's cases and their information whenever and wherever they are. Taking your practice with you was next to impossible before the introduction of FCD but now it lets lawyers take advantage of the time they spend commuting. Waiting in court or traveling? You can leave that briefcase at the office you are not dependent on or limited to, your library or computer you will never need to sync information with your office assistants and you get to bill on the go! Now it's possible to keep your client happy 24/7 they do not have to wait for information from your end. You can send secure emails to your clients and solve their queries on the spot in real-time.

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