How Easy Is To Integrate Bitcoin In Your Ecommerce Site?

How Easy Is To Integrate Bitcoin In Your Ecommerce Site?

06 May 2016
How Easy Is To Integrate Bitcoin In Your Ecommerce Site?

The concept of using Bitcoin for making varying transactions has become widespread. Integrating Bitcoin payment gateway has become highly beneficial for all types of business, but for online businesses and eCommerce sites, the success rate is tremendous.

As per a survey report, the number of Bitcoin transactions per day is showing continuous growth without any drop-down.

In early January 2014, the rate of traction was around 63 thousand, however, in due course of time i.e. around October 2015 the transaction rate crossed 2,42 thousand. Isn’t it mind-blowing? This statistic brilliantly portrays the constant and surplus increase in the number of Bitcoin transactions.

The best explanation that will show the actual popularity of Bitcoin transactions is the fact that Amazon and eBay, the two most renowned eCommerce websites have also integrated Bitcoin payment gateway for processing Bitcoin transactions.


How to Integrate Bitcoin Transaction Gateway

Novice people or people who have recently got introduced to Bitcoin transactions find the integration process very complex, time-consuming and expensive.

This indeed was true, until, Cryptex Technologies came up with their innovative and technical sounds methods for implementing Bitcoin transaction gate. Their techniques make the whole process quite simple and stable i.e. it is not prone to any sort of failure in the future.



It is truly said that getting the solution to any problem is not difficult; the only task is to find the right solution source. Cryptex is the solution source that helps the majority of their clients in the integration of Bitcoin payment gateway. Cryptex holds specialized expertise in this regard, hence, it is considered a ‘One-Stop Shop’ for availing experts assistance in solving the most complex technical issues.





Hi, I need to make the Sign-In page, but I can't use devose, because when I have to submit the log-in credentials, on click of submit button it will call the oAuth API to validate user, its happns perfectly, going to other static page. But than after I am not able to save user's session. Again if i hit the localhost:3000 its showing login page and again if sumbit details its submitting successfully. Please help me out. Thanks & Regards, Manish Anand


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