How LMS helps individuals to work from Home in the state of Coronavirus

How LMS helps individuals to work from Home in the state of Coronavirus

18 Mar 2020
How LMS helps individuals to work from Home in the state of Coronavirus


CORONAVIRUS- The deadly disease causing grave concerns among the international community as the strain of COVID-19 is highly lethal. The tech industry across the globe is rattled by the coronavirus, as the coronavirus continues to wreak havoc. Apple and Microsoft have warned the investors and the majority of conferences and social events are cancelled. As the outbreak of the coronavirus is spreading every day, the industrial impact is mounting and the global market continues to clamp down.

The Covid-19 crisis has reached a new critical phase. With the recent coronavirus outbreak and rapid increase in the number of coronavirus cases, organizations and businesses are dealing with lost revenue and disrupted workflow. The outbreak is sending ripples across industries.  As the virus continues to spread, the situation is ever-evolving. Organizations have banned all non-essential business-related travel and events for their employees. The organizations are strongly encouraging their employees to work from home to help stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Businesses and organizations are grappling ways to manage the potential outbreak. Employees are required to telework until the companies resume their normal operations. Rapidly increasing numbers of coronavirus cases have forced organizations to take necessary precautions such as limiting travel to virus affected countries or cancelling conferences.  Employees are advised to stay home if they have visited a country with the outbreak. Measures are being taken by organizations in the face of COVID-19 lockdowns by incorporating digital teaching tools such as LMS for their employees. Due to this reason, more and more employees are transitioning to Lms development & customization for effective working.

LMS is a collaborative eLearning platform that helps to manage online learning courses. LMS or learning management system acts as a training management system that enables individuals to continue their work by staying at home. With the increase in the number of cases of coronavirus, many organizations are adopting the learning management system development framework to improve organizational efficiency.  The LMS framework empowers the employees to have easy access to all the training materials and courses. It maintains and organizes records and provides effective learning content. The framework provides the employees with an interactive training module to enhance their skills and gain use of their time learning new technologies.

The team at Cryptex Technologies can help you overcome the work slump with their learning management system framework. We are an LMS development-based company in India. The Cryptex Technologies LMS is a complete learning management framework solution that provides flexibility, security and delivers effective learning to the user. With the customized Learning Management System or LMS software created by Cryptex technologies, utilize your time at home during the ongoing outbreak of Coronavirus and enhance your technical and managerial skills with LMS. It helps to serve individuals remotely in the times of the outbreak. The LMS framework developed by Cryptex Technologies is designed to provide engaging learning experiences that stimulate continuous learning. It offers the following functions:

•           Easy to use interface

•           Easy access to data from anywhere

•           Support for mobile learning

•           A meaningful and effective learning path

•           Support for blended learning

•           Flexible testing and assessment options

•           Enhanced reporting capabilities

•           Security of data

With Cryptex Technologies online Learning Management System, engage in effective training courses, challenging exams and get the best knowledge from our LMS portal. Utilize your time effectively and streamline your training with LMS.

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