How To Display Shopify app within the store using App Proxy

How To Display Shopify app within the store using App Proxy

03 Mar 2021
How To Display Shopify app within the store using App Proxy

Do you have
1)  a Shopify store?
2)  an app installed in your store?

Do you want to display that app within your store for it to look like a part of your store and be easily accessible for your customers?

Then use Shopify “App Proxy” Settings. The App Proxy setting provides an extended feature to your store. The app proxy is used to display data (or can be referred to as dynamic data). This data is from the installed Shopify app. By setting up the app proxy, you can display your app within the Shopify store. Once the app installation is done, you only have to add the app proxy and that’s it. App proxy supports Liquid pages, which are supported by the store.

To add an app proxy:

  • From your Partner Dashboard, click Apps.
  • Click on the name of your app.
  • Click Extensions. 
  • Click Online Store. 
  • In-App proxy section, click Manage app proxy. 
  • Select any prefix from the Subpath prefix drop-down list. You can also add your own sub-path.
  • Enter Subpath (the name can be anything)
  • Enter the app_url/app_proxy like  
  • Hit the save button to finish the method. The subpath is my_app, then any path in your shop after  is proxied to the provided proxy URL.

Following are the app proxy configuration.

Consider the following app proxy configuration:
    • Subpath prefix: apps
    • Subpath: my_app
    • Proxy URL:

When the user visits the store and navigates on it will forward the user to the app which is hosted on on route

This displays your Shopify apps on our store as a part of it. If you want your app to be rendered within the store, add the following code in your method.
render (layout: false, content_type: 'application/liquid')
This will render the application page within your Shopify store.

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