Integration of Kaltura in Canvas LMS

Integration of Kaltura in Canvas LMS

16 Dec 2016
Integration of Kaltura in Canvas LMS

With the Kaltura Canvas Video App, teachers, students, and staff easily view, record, manage, edit, transcode and deliver high-quality video that is visible on any device, at any time. You'll be able to currently take teaching and learning to a full new level with interactive video tools setting with LMS. This app permits you to look at, upload, publish and share videos directly from inside your LMS. This interprets into time and cash saved for your establishment, and a lot of encouraging, interactive learning expertise for college students as well as for colleges.


With Kaltura, you can

  • Create videos with webcams, or Kaltura’s optional CaptureSpace video capture solution
  • Upload existing media from your laptop, college video platforms, and also social media
  • Add searchable captions and data for exaggerated discoverability
  • Manage videos by the personal library, course galleries, or shared repository
  • Edit with in-system tools like clipping, chaptering, and managing thumbnails
  • Publish to a course gallery, as a part of a check or assignment in a blog or more



  • Increase collaboration, engagement, community and learning outcomes
  • Ensure media security victimization Canvas permission system
  • Take advantage of Kaltura's tier-one hosting and CDN to deliver high-quality expertise while not overloading your LMS
  • Lower prices and work by sanctionative students and colleges to transfer and manage videos within the LMS while not requiring facilitation from a central media team


Kaltura Integration Step through External LTI Tools In Canvas :

For Kaltura Configuration in LMS, You will need an account either at or with a self-hosted instance of Kaltura.

  • From your course home page in Canvas click on Settings.
  • Click on the Apps tab and then View App Configurations.
  • Click on Add New App(the button may just say Add App in some versions of Canvas).
  • A pop form will appear, under configuration Type Select “Paste XML”.
  • The name can be set to any non-blank value. You will need to contact your Kaltura account administrative to get Kaltura account Partner Id as "Consumer Key", account administrator secret as “Shared Secret” and Paste the content of MyMedia.xml provided to you by your Kaltura representative.
  • Checked the "Add Kaltura to Rich-Text Editor" button so it will appear in Rich-Text Editor
  • Click Submit. The My Media tool will be listed in the list of external tools and a new navigation menu item will be added to the course menu.

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