10 Facts Why Shopify is a Great Choice for Ecommerce Store Development.

10 Facts Why Shopify is a Great Choice for Ecommerce Store Development.

23 Jun 2020
10 Facts Why Shopify is a Great Choice for Ecommerce Store Development.

Gone are the days when people used to go shopping physically. Technology has made life easier. People, nowadays, find it convenient to shop online. To sell a product, all you need is an e-commerce platform, to establish an online store. Shopify provides sellers a platform to set up an online store and sell their goods or services. Shopify web development companies help you build a Shopify website as well as a Shopify app to run your online store. It is an all-in-one web-based platform that helps businesses to increase their ROI and boost revenue. 

Getting a structured Shopify website developed from an efficient Shopify web development company is the first step towards building an e-commerce presence for your business. Let’s dive into the key features that Shopify provides. Mentioned here are 10 reasons why Shopify, rather than any other platform, is the best e-commerce platform to grow your business.

  • Easy to set up and use system: Shopify is the best option for business owners as it is easy to use and setup. Shopify E-commerce store provides a simple and easy to understand dashboard.
  • Manage store with your smartphone: Shopify provides a mobile app feature that makes it easy for the sellers to manage their products, orders, and customer queries from anywhere. The mobile app also provides features to upload product images, respond to real-time queries, and process the orders just with a click.
  • Security and reliability: Shopify is a highly secure and reliable platform. When establishing an online business, security is of the topmost concern. The security policy of Shopify helps to keep the personal and financial information of the customers confidential.
  • Easy payment options: Shopify offers a trustworthy payment gateway. It allows buyers to pay using various payment alternatives. The platform supports payment option that gives buyers the liberty to make transactions without paying additional fees.
  • SEO friendly: An online store needs to be search engine friendly. SEO ensures that the online store is easily accessible for the customers searching for your products. Shopify supports SEO parameters like title tags and met tags which help to improve the visibility of your products.
  • Supports multiple languages: Shopify provides multiple language support which makes it easy for businesses to sell its products in any part of the world. Incredible customer support: Shopify offers quick 24/7 client assistance via email, open chat, and phone calls.
  • Visually appealing store setup: Shopify facilitates its users with a variety of professional layouts and templates to create a unique and visually engaging online store. It offers a large number of accessible themes to a rich UI for best first impressions.
  • Features & tools: Shopify offers numerous features and tools that assist the sellers to set up a professional online store for their products. The various features include marketing tools, analytics, and report generation.
  • Powerful marketing tools: Shopify provides powerful marketing tools such as SEO along with advanced e-commerce analytics. It also offers tools such as targeted email marketing, discount coupons, and custom gift cards.
  • Integrated with drop shippers: Shopify provides drop shipping to its users. With drop shipping, businesses don’t need to keep their products in stock. Instead, Shopify connects them directly with the supplier that stocks its stock. It helps to forward that specific request to the provider and ship the products to the customers directly.

So why wait to gain success from e-commerce business, get started with Shopify. Cryptex Technologies, a Shopify web development company in India, is known to provide the best solutions on the Shopify platform. Our talented and committed developers strive to provide the best services for your business to gain great success through Shopify. 

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