7 Tools to Simplify Your RoR Application Development

7 Tools to Simplify Your RoR Application Development

21 Aug 2020
7 Tools to Simplify Your RoR Application Development


There are various tools and resources available that help to ease the work of Ruby on Rails developers. Such tools not only help to keep the code secure and well organized but also to simplify the complete process by making it more efficient and less time-consuming. 

Ruby on Rails is an open-source, versatile, and adaptable programming language that offers significant features and functionalities for application development. ith a primary emphasis on uniformity and efficiency, the language offers a simple syntax for clean and well-organized code.

By incorporating the below-mentioned tools, developers can build efficient web applications on Ruby on Rails.

Rubocop is a Ruby static code analyzer which is useful to check if your code complies within the Ruby community code guidelines. It helps to review the code’s notation variation, structure, and complexity.  It reports method violations with code refactoring such as useless variable assignment or unused method argument. As Robocop is highly configurable, it helps to catch bugs before they take place.

Brakeman acts as a security analysis tool for Rails applications. It is an open-source susceptibility scanner that easily scans through the code and offers a neatly formatted table of possible issues as output. It is a convenient tool that can be used at different stages of application development and helps to thoroughly examine the code and spot security issues and warnings.

Guard is an efficient tool for software designers and developers. It helps to prevent repetitive activities and commands. Guard aids to automate different tasks on the basis of rules defined for specific files or documents as well as relaunching of the application after configuration changes.

Sinatra is an open-source web application library that provides easy and simple applications. It helps to build well defined domain-specific web applications with ease. It is an excellent tool for developing smaller, fast-operating applications. 

Pry is one of the most effective Ruby tools that act as a runtime developer console. It provides attributes such as structure highlighting, robust plugin framework, source runtime, and browsing documentation. Pry provides a certain degree of flexibility along with an interactive programming environment that makes it a perfect tool for application development.

Opal helps the developer to run Ruby over a server or web browser. It acts as a compiler for Ruby to JavaScript compilation that is compatible with any browser. It also acts as an implantation runtime and a core-lib. Opal combined with Guard treasure helps to make the ruby on rails web development process much easier.

The Bullet is a perfect tool to track and monitor inefficiencies, queries as well as unnecessarily loaded relations. Pop-up alert boxes indicate warnings related to database queries that are required to be optimized. It is an extremely effective tool for optimizing and enhancing your application.

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