In this wide range of software one needs to look for an umbrella term for software development methodologies. Agile movement is one such alternative to the traditional system and method of the project management. One might wonder as to where such approaches are used! This methodology is used in software development to help business to respond. This response is obtained for the unpredictable happenings in the software or the application. This is helpful in providing opportunities to assess direction throughout the development lifecycle. The agile methodologies is done through, regular cadences of work, known as Sprints or iterations, at the end of which teams must present a potentially shippable product. Agile methodology is iterative and incremental. The reason, most prefer an agile methodology is plain simple as, all the aspects of the development may it be the requirements or the designs are visited regularly to make sure the smooth functioning of the application.

The quality at the company is that the team revisits and evaluates every project within a particular time period and makes sure it gets all the aspects of the product correctly. Also the team makes sure that the work heads in the correct direction. The development life cycle of software is an amalgamation of numerous processes and methods. These methods are selected depending upon the requirement of the particular project. A standard cycle is followed for all the projects at Cryptex.

The important part of these steps is proper and timely communication with the client. It is the communication that plays an important role. And hence the methologies used at Cryptex play a vital role in the development. The focus is never diverted paving way for meaningful experimentation leading to expected results.