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Family Court Direct App

If you own a law firm and looking for an advanced system that will help you to manage your work, you should definitely try out for the innovative Family Court Direct app, developed by Cryptex Technologies. This sophisticated application is perfectly suitable for almost every single lawyer or an owner/manager of a law firm located in any region outside of India.

App Allows Easy Client Management

Technicians and app development team working under well-known Cryptex Company have designed the application in such a manner that it helps law companies and their respective clients to organize, manage and share valuable legal documents in hassle-free and in easy way as possible.

User-Friendly Interface

Family Court Direct application comes with a user-friendly interface because of which it is useful for those individuals, who are unfamiliar with dealing legal documents.

Able to Assign Role-Specific Dashboard

After this, our developed and designed Family Court app helps administrator of any individual divorce attorney, child custody lawyer and administrator of any legal group to assign various role-specific dashboards to their corresponding members. In addition, users will be able to find each possible section that exists in any family law-based organization, along with typical designations, such as Case Managers, Sales Managers, user of Legal Department, Customer Sales Representatives, Accounts Department and many more.

Opportunity for Organizational Members to Assign Credentials

Family Court Direct app designed by well-experienced professionals of Cryptex Technologies professionals allow each law-based organizational member to assign credentials to their specific customers with all other individuals, who help in download and upload of documents as well as engage in crucial transactions including payments. However, customers are unable to logic to aforementioned applications by putting their own efforts. Instead, Admin of the firm has to arrange for credentials for every individual wants to use the innovative software solution.

Prominent Features possessed by newly launched App includes:
  • One of the major reasons for the high demand of the Family Court Direct app in both technological and legal market is that it is of easily usable solution. In addition, it incorporates intuitive type of user interface, because of which individuals do not require to acquire technical or coding language to operate the system.
  • Irrespective of the size and service scopes of any legal firm dealing with family issues, like divorce, child and pet custody and others, its success in the competitive sector is solely dependent on its selected CRM or Customer Relationship Management activities. Positive thing in this case is that the advanced application is able to support various types of CRMs support to provide by companies and individual lawyers to their clients.
  • The application is available to users with suitable status bar that display present work status in easily understandable manner.
  • Family Court Direct app is available with architecture of systematic process to avoid any type of hassle.
  • Acts as an ultimate app to both schedule and manage varying payment-related options.
  • Lastly, Family Court Direct app provides complete details about documentation processes and payment history to users even with only few clicks.