Instaquote - Application for Instant Quote on Vehical Repair


Instaquote (IQ) is an application for instant quote to be given on Vehicle Repairing, Cryptex Technologies have worked on this application. Instaquote uses VIN api for getting all the details of the vehicle (Model, color etc)

In this application there are 4 “user” levels:
  • Customer / User – End person who has had an accident and in need of a repairer.
  • Repairer – Panel Shop that will receive the quotes etc.
  • Insurance Company User – R/O user that as the ability to “view” quotes from multiple ‘Repairers’ but limited to only quotes that are assigned to their ‘Insurance Company’.
  • Administrator – Top level user/s that can administer the backend system, add repairers, add insurance company users, set advertising, create pre-configured SMS/Email messages, etc.

IInstaQuote has 3 types of users, Admin (Owner of IQ), Repairers and Customers:

  • Admin only have the authority to add repairer.
  • The Customer when logs in he can select the Repairer for him self from the available repairers in his preferred area. These repairers will be seen on the map.
  • The Customer can then click photo of his damaged vehicle upload it with a description. He can also add the insurance company he is associated for any claims. These details will be visible only to his selected repairer.
  • The repairer can then quote a price for repairing deducting the insurance claim amount if any.
  • Once the quote is accepted and the vehicle is submitted for the repair, the customer will be updated online about the current status of his vehicle.

We also have mobile applications for this Android and iOS.