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Today, the Real-Estate application has not remained confined to a single application. Instead, it has created a drastic revolution in the modernized Real-estate sector and it is easy to use. Real-Estate application serves as an optimistic and digital approach aimed at making amendments in the scenario of future digital real-estate market. Best thing about this exclusive product is that it is easily usable, mobile friendly and enable brokers to save their humongous amount of time.

If you're thinking about tapping into the emerging digital market, now is the time to invest. Unlike most other markets, digital real-estate application is something you can invest in without massive risks.

Real-Estate is a cloud based application that provides real estate brokers with the unique features and attributes for ease to sell property online and get directly connected with the prospecting customers. It helps broker to build his/her own online business (brand building) and if properly managed its digital marketing like traffic (SEO) and social media marketing one can get a best ROI through this application. Through digital marketing Real-estate application one can easily bridge the gap between the seller and the buyer in an effective and unambiguous manner.

For Example: Broker can collect data like phone numbers, of interested customers through this application that can be used for SMS marketing and send promotional/offers directly to customer. This will generate Leads and help to follow up buyers to make their purchase decision faster.

Some of the main features of Real-Estate Application

  • Managed property details as well as organized customer data
  • Application renting option available
  • Friendly and interactive user interface
  • Customization available as per the requirement
  • 15 days free trial available
  • Upload unlimited properties images/videos
  • Upload 360 degree virtual tour
  • Listings with photos and videos
  • Get directly connected to the customers
  • Real-time messaging
  • Setup an appointment online
  • Search engine with powerful filters
  • 24/7 online presence
  • Location awareness and maps

The portal provides a platform for posting a unlimited property online and help broker to locate their customers of interest who want to Buy/Rent the property, get customers information and also real time messaging to take proper follow ups in an transparent and defined process.

The broker can also earn through this platform he/she can keep the minimum subscription plans for other dealers/agents/brokers who can rent a space and post their own properties.

Customize REA

Our qualified development team is expert in changing the look and feel of the open source Real-Estate Application. We install, customize and develop new functionalities as per the requirements. This way the customized Application has personalized and has unique look and attribute for each customer.


We provide 30 days free of cost support service to client on the live server from the date of delivery. The support request for any assistance need to me submitted to us by proper communication medium. We take a lead time of 24-48 hours to revert back on the status.

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