Virtual Trade Show Software

Cryptex Technologies have developed virtual expo web application. This web application helps in organizing successful virtual expos where virtual booths are present.

Benefits of having virtual Trade:

  • Save money
  • Make worldwide popular
  • Virtual market
  • Save taxes
  • leads followed up
  • Market for new generation


  • Live Streaming: Throughout the live streaming process continuous where organizers and booth owners can share videos and audios related to the expos with their target audience. With the live streaming feature induced, the process of sharing information in the form of videos and audio have become very convenient.

  • V-Card Exchange: Any expo or exhibition is incomplete without transaction. V-card exchange is one of the useful features introduced in this application. This enables both expo organizers and attendants to exchange their virtual cards.

  • Virtual Auditorium: It helps in establishing and managing single or multiple virtual Auditoriums. There are various features that are included in this applications that makes it highly convenient for the users to establish Virtual Auditoriums.

  • Registration of User Types: In any sort of exhibition, different group of people or companies set up their booths for displaying their product and services. For establishing a virtual exhibition there are both visitors and organizers.

  • Restrictions of accessibility as per the user type: With this application, one can create different types of users and based on their role can also define accessibility criteria. For examples: admin can have access to all the functionalities of the application, booth owners will have their own set of accessibility and so the visitors. This will maintain proper flow and confidentiality of data.

  • Allocation of number of Expos and Booths as per the subscription Plan: It also offers monthly, quarterly, half yearly or annual subscription plan for allocating defined number of expos or booths. This feature helps in keeping proper records of past as well as future expos.

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