Practicecamp is an online education system based on the latest internet solutions. This is the most promising technology in distance education, allowing access to the system for students as well as teachers in any level: local or enterprise. Practicecamp is an education platform that allows teachers to create and sell 12-week boot camps that teach students a very specific skill. A boot camp is a course comprised of 12 structured weekly practice routines containing attachments that teach students a specific skill through exercises and weekly challenges.




Ruby on Rails,LMS


Ruby on Rails,HTML5,CSS,javascript,Bootstrap

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A platform for planning small meetings and events at the touch of a button. It captures all user needs and also validates estimates against contracted rates for any event. Also, user can view all past and current spends, calculate ROI and track KPIs.

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It is a web application for hire employee, get coaching to job seekers, schedule appointment.

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A web application that helps energize a community and build a community's social capital. Civenergy helps citizens find out about what is going on in their community and makes it easy for them to get actively involved. At the core of Civenergy are discussions about the important, current issues in the community. For example, Civenergy allows citizens to discuss and make decisions about local elections. In addition, Civenergy provides news items, notices of upcoming events and participation opportunities relevant to the important issues under discussion. In order to make Civenergy accessible, we put it on the web, where it can be accessed anytime with a computer, smart phone, or tablet. Civenergy is free to use. Once users have signed up for an account they can get involved by creating viewpoints, adding comments, and following the issues, elections, and candidates that matter most to them

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