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Having a 'Interactive Website' means having a design which 'Engage' your Customers. It is important that you have a Unique and Engaging design which is responsive. We at Cryptex Technologies have expertise who make sure that our designs have high qulity UI & UX Development.

We have a team of expert and experienced software developers and can help you turn your great ideas into innovative web solutions. We use a TDD & BDD methodological approach, with proper communication with our clients closely at each stage of development from planning, concept, design, development, hosting, marketing.

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Interactive Website
Engaging/Interactive Website Development

A interactive/engaging website will enable to decrease your bounce rate by around 70% and engage your visitors.

Quick loading time.

Customize Website & Software Development.

UI & UX Design
High Quality UI & UX Design

Responsive Website Design & Development.

Scalable, fast & engaging web applications.

SEO Friendly
SEO Friendly & Conversion rate optimised Wesites

Search Engine Optimisation can do high impact for increasing your website visibility, reach of a brand to your target audience.

To increase your ROI, your website must have proper setup for specific landing pages that can in turn create sales funnels or pipeline.

Analytics enabled Website.

Content management enabled.

Conversion Rate Optimised
Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

MVPs and Lean Start-up techniques can implement and build your start-up with much less time, cost and very low risk.

Quickly build and launch your beta product.

Implementation and execution of different idea and marketing strategy.

MVP is the Easiest way to get through the Build-Evaluate-implement feedback loop with the Less amount of efforts but high efficiency.

Interactive Website
Project management & Database design

We used tools like Zoho, Trello, Jira, etc.

Database Design tools like Mysql, Psql, mongo, sqlite3.

UI & UX Design
Agile Methodology

Continuous deliveries and faster release cycles, so you get quicker output at a higher efficiency.

TDD & BDD methodological Approach for Web Development.

Increased Productivity.

Technical Advantages

Agile Model

Agile Model

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Project management

Project management

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The Chabot widget requirement was new for me its a bit challenging as I haven’t done this type of project before. The client requirement was to implement a chatbot widget script, which users can integrate on any website by just pasting the two lines of script code like any plugin. The client had already their chatbot API built, to which our widget script send requests and the response was coming from the API. Like If I send "Hello" the bot replies "Hello". There is no platform used, only the pure script used to implement ChatBot-Widget.

Ruby on Rails

XLSX to JSON is a project all about getting xlsx and converting it into JSON based on the algorithm provided by the client. Once JSON is generated that can be transferred to call JSON into a ppt report.

Ruby on Rails

Kinetizine is a pdf document processing tool which basically uses to provide the digital interactive document. It's a service for non-technical business leaders who want to take their sales and marketing to the next level. It provides features as enlisted below: * Track sessions of the uploaded pdf file. * How many clicks occur on the element present on that pdf. * Embed video/audio/link/images/gif etc... on the pdf file. * Best presentational way to represent the pdf to the viewer. * It provides the most significant way for the research paper publishing service. * Will maintain the statistics for every visited pdf document(Ex., doc view time, clicks, viewer location, os, devise, etc...)

Ruby on Rails

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