Ruby on Rails Web Development Services

In the ever-changing technological world, one needs to possess the correct mix of technologies. A little compromise in the latest technology can lead to a huge loss to the business. Taking the need of the ever-growing virtual platform into consideration Cryptex Technologies provides numerous yet right mix of technologies.

The company provides the following IT services

Ruby on Rails

The web development framework is globally used as a backbone to a large number of web applications. It is flexible, fast, compatible and cost-effective. Currently, ROR is the best-used framework where both the developer and the client can efficiently handle the backbone of the company. ROR also has integrated testing tools that make sure the framework is up-to-date. The company is dedicated towards making such flexible applications for the clients.

Mobile Application

With everything available at the fingertips, possessing a mobile application for the business is the need of the hour. These mobile applications provide all the important details on one platform and make sure that the visitors find it easy to connect with the service provider. Such applications are developed on Android and IOS platforms.

Hire a Resource

The company is all about passion and perfection. One needs to trust the resource completely in order to make sure that the work done is up to the mark. The resources at the company are highly dedicated and finish off with perfection whatever is taken in hand.

Software Testing

Software testing is an important side of development. One needs to look for bugs and fix them as soon as possible when the software is out running. The experienced team at the company fixes the bugs in time to facilitate the efficient working of the software.

Our Technologies

At Cryptex, we design the best suitable stack for development selecting the right mix of technologies.

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